Tuesday, April 28, 2020


The Answer....


         There were a few Mets ties in that All-Star game. Tom Seaver was the starting pitcher, pitched 3 innings, and was replaced by a pinch-hitter...future Met teammate Rusty Staub.
          The National League squad was managed by Gil Hodges.

          But the two key Mets directly involved in the play were Jim Hickman, then of the Cubs, who was an original Met. Hickman hit the ball that Rose scored on, a single to center-field. And then Amos Otis, who came up with the Mets and was traded prior to the 1970 season to the Royals, made the throw to Fosse to try to nail Rose.

 Congratulations to Timothy Dougherty, who was the closest with his guess. His prize is on the way...

Monday, April 27, 2020

Rose vs. Fosse

Rose vs Fosse

         We have all seen, or heard of this play, which happened 50 years ago this year. Pete Rose attempting to score the winning run in the All-Star Game, colliding with Indians catcher Ray Fosse. jarring the ball loose.
          Fosse separated his shoulder on the play, which some have speculated changed his career trajectory. For Rose, it became on of the defining moments of his playing history.
          Baseball politics aside...can anyone tell me the two important New York Met connections directly related to this play?

          Reply in the comments...1st with both correct will win a prize!